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5 Tips Before Travelling Abroad for Psychedelic Healing

Originally posted January 25, 2017

While healing with psychedelic medicine is nothing new, there has been a recent surge in interest of several psychedelic substances. As old ideals are shattered, people are discovering alternative ways to heal everything from anxiety to addiction, and they’re finding them in places all over the globe.

Psychedelics Catching Your Attention?

Native to the Peruvian jungles, ayahuasca has become the alternative treatment of the 21st century. Considered sacred by South American tribes, ayahuasca is also known as “the vine of the soul”. It is said that ayahuasca cleanses the negative energy of a person and connects them to their own divinity. So transformative can an experience with ayahuasca be that countless people travel to Peru every year to receive this sacred treatment.

Ayahuasca, however, isn’t the only psychedelic healing that’s got people headed out of the country. Ibogaine, a psychedelic native to West and Central Africa, has shown unprecedented potential in treating addiction. Those who have taken ibogaine speak of the power it contains to stop physical withdrawal symptoms in their tracks, something obviously welcomed by those who suffer from excruciating withdrawal symptoms when coming off drugs like heroin.

The popularity of ibogaine has increased exponentially in recent years, most likely in respond to the opioid epidemic that is affecting people from every demographic across the nation. New ibogaine clinics just across the US border are popping up all the time and provide an easy way for people to receive treatment close to the US.

Because the popularity of psychedelic medicine is quickly gaining momentum, travelling to receive medicine that has been sacred for centuries is becoming the “new norm.” It’s no wonder, considering the power these plant medicines contain to help people heal, grow, and positively change their lives. Before walking out of your comfort zone and into a world you know little about, here are 5 things tips to consider.

1. Do Your Research

Whether you’re traveling abroad for an ayahuasca ceremony or for an ibogaine treatment, it’s vital you do your research before you go. Just because your friend had a life-changing experience at one place, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be the same for you. There are so many different options now available when it comes to traveling abroad for psychedelic healing, that exploring what’s available is going to take some time. Choosing what retreat or clinic you travel to all comes down to what you’re looking to gain with the experience and what best fits your personal needs.

2. Know What to Expect

Psychedelic medicine affects everyone differently. Because you’ve decided to travel to receive sacred medicine, you’re probably aware of some of the effects it might have. You’ll want to know more. Talk to people who’ve had an experience with ayahuasca. Inquire how ibogaine helped someone get through their addiction. Read testimonials and watch videos online. Basically, know what you’re getting into before you get into it. Psychedelic medicine is extremely powerful, and is something that should be respected. As much as certain psychedelics cleanse and help people heal, there is a dark side to them as well. Be prepared by understanding what to expect when the time comes.

3. Understand that People Heal Differently

The healing process when taking psychedelics is different for everyone. While ayahuasca helps “purge” the emotional toxins that have built up inside of someone, the complexity of different traumas may mean it takes some people longer to heal than others. The amount of time it takes someone to heal is dependent on how much emotional and mental trauma they’re carrying with them. Sacred psychedelic medicine works with the energy of a person, and if this energy is too heavy it’s sometimes difficult to receive the full effects of the plant. Clearing as much energetic blockage as possible before your trip is something that can significantly enhance your experience.

4. Decide Your Intention

Setting an intention before one’s journey is recommended to anyone who is going to take psychedelic medicine. Whatever inspired you to want take ayahuasca or ibogaine is likely part of your intention. Before you make your journey is a good time to take a deep look within. What are you seeking with this sacred plant? What do you wish to gain or let go of? Setting an intention before taking a psychedelic journey is an excellent way to become more in touch with yourself and the healing that’s to come.

5. Trust Your Desire

If you’re interested in travelling to take a sacred medicine such as ibogaine or ayahuasca, by all means, trust your desire and heed the call! Psychedelics are some of the most powerful substances known, and when someone is attracted to them it usually means there is something inside of them that needs to heal. Everyone deserves freedom from that which holds them back. And whether this is in the form of addiction, depression, or something else, psychedelics can reset body, mind, and soul in a way unlike anything else known. Do not let something like this pass you by. The only moment we have is now. Trust your desire, and take that journey that could be the one to ultimately change your life.

Psychedelic medicine can provide powerful healing. However, taking the proper steps before taking psychedelics can give you a much more positive experience. Take the time to study your options before making this life changing decision.

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