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Dr. Martín Polanco

After a near-death experience at the tender age of 17, Dr. Martin Polanco, former Program Director at Crossroads, knew he wanted a career that allowed him to help others. He initially steered his love of Biochemistry towards Ophthalmology with hopes of becoming an eye surgeon and helping others see.

However, his career path changed after he witnessed a close relative battle a severe addiction to cocaine.  His family’s journey to help her find freedom led to countless unsuccessful treatments until she found Ibogaine, a treatment stemming from a medicinal alkaloid from the root of the Iboga bush. Martin Polanco MD was so touched by the dramatic release from her addiction that Ibogaine allowed her to achieve, that he changed his entire career plan so he could help more people have access to Ibogaine. It seemed like a pre-ordained career shift as it aligned with his long-standing officiousness with indigenous medicines.  He was so compelled to quench his curiosity of how this treatment worked and how he could help others find the same freedom his family member received, that he began feverishly studying Ibogaine and continuing his medical training and education with an emphasis on Ibogaine-driven drug addiction disruption. He quickly became considered an expert in his field. He is highly revered and commended by the many patients he has helped find release from addiction–many of whom have exclaimed they are confident they would have lost their battle with addiction if it weren’t for Dr. Polanco.

Even after over 22 years of practice with Ibogaine, Dr. Martin Polanco remains passionate about his practice and engages personally with all patients. He lights up when discussing the incredible transformations he has witnessed thanks to Ibogaine, and marvels at how in as little as three days, he has seen patients’ addictions interrupted so well that their breakthroughs can already begin.

He is so fervent about his calling that he and his team put together Crossroads Ibogaine treatment center with the highest staff-to-patient ratio, and offered an experience that starts before a patient’s stay and continues to support each patient afterward with certified recovery coaching services.

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