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There is nothing more gratifying to the professional team at Crossroads Treatment Center than the words of thanks from our clients and their families. We invite you to read some of the testimonials below from our clients. You will find stories of heartache, despair, hope, healing and long-lasting recovery.
Dr. Martin Polanco & Staff, I attended Crossroads with my wife last December, and originally wanted to send an email thanking-you immediately – but, decided I would wait until my presumed “after-glow” of the therapy had waned. And, although I realize two months is early for post-assessment, and some of the acute effects have receded – including the intense optimism and clarity of thought I enjoyed for several weeks – I’m finding that my experience has set me on a upward trajectory of self-understanding and self-improvement. And, each day seems to build upon the last. Your program, the natural medicine, not only cured me (painlessly) of chemical dependence – it brought me back from my isolated state of social withdrawal, and reminded me of all of life’s joys – family, friends, nature, sport, community, love, empathy, music(!!) – pretty much all the things that make us human. And physically, I’ve never felt better (sleep normalized, energy up, anxiety down….I could go on). For all of this, I (and everyone who loves me) thank you. Lastly, I wanted to point out some things, which I understand, will be no surprise to you. The staff, protocol, facilities, & amenities – all top-notch, and perfectly professional. But, there were also two integral parts of the stay, that, in retrospect – I cannot imagine my experience without……5-MeO and Maria. Both of which, evoked immutable-optimism, unconditional-love, and self-empowerment. So, thank you again, for recognizing their importance. Kindest Regards, Brett
I got connected with my life’s work. I am going home to completely rearrange my life.
Yes, I’m currently getting a few of my friends who had the same problems on board and Crossroads will be seeing them soon. They are in awe of my transformation and how quickly the ibogaine treatment worked.
Loved the work everyone does at Crossroads. All of the staff took very good care of us.
For the better part of six years I have been an opiate addict. I have struggled with it mightily and have achieved very brief periods of sobriety through Alcoholics Anonymous. A month before I decided to go to Crossroads, I was knee deep in a nasty heroin addiction that I could not shake. I approached my parents and told them I was out of options and that I needed help. Knowing I was completely dejected and hopeless, my mother emailed me the website to Crossroads and Ibogaine treatment. My only knowledge of Ibogaine treatment was that my friend had tried it, but failed to put in the work afterwards to maintain his sobriety. I was skeptical but also out of alternative, so I booked my flight to San Diego that night after talking to Crossroads intake coordinators Joanne and Tyson. I arrived in San Diego airport and was driven across the border to Tijuana to have my blood and vitals taken. The doctors and nurses for Crossroads are incredible. If not for their expertise and compassion, my experience and my current life would be vastly different. From Tijuana, I was taken to the beach house in Rosarita, where I met the staff. Again, everyone that works for Crossroads never judged me and treated me with dignity. From Monday until Wednesday night, the other clients and I were prepped for ibogaine and 5-MeO treatment. The ibogaine itself, for me, was unpleasant. However after the side effects subsided, it felt like I had been brought back to a time before I had ever tried a drug. The next day, I did the 5-MeO-DMT, and words cannot do it justice. The best adjectives I can use to describe my experience are truth and rebirth. Like many addicts, I have been predisposed to anxiety, depression, self-defeating thoughts, guilt, etc. The only thing I knew going into the experience was that I was going to let go, no matter how scary or daunting the prospect. Because of my absolute surrender to the medicine, I was able to cleanse myself of the years of battering myself emotional and become reborn. After experiencing the years of pain and misery initially, I was blasted into a state of complete bliss. It was like every positive emotion one can experience encapsulated into one moment. Since that moment, I am a completely different person, free of cravings and dejection. For the first time I can remember, I have purpose. I am currently applying to pre-med programs out here in San Diego after cancelling my flight home and moving out here permanently. I can’t stress enough the importance of change. It is imperative that the addict who undergoes this treatment not go back to the same situation they were in while using. A change in perspective is paramount. I write this testimonial with the hope that someone who believes their situation is hopeless to give Crossroads a try; it will absolutely change your life.
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